r e f u n d   &   c a n c e l l a t i o n   p o l i c y


Refund and cancellation policy for the Production of Printed Material for Sale.

(1) If an order is cancelled or terminated by either party for any reason whatsoever (other than due to be default or Picture Perfect Moment) then the customer will pay the following compensation to Picture Perfect Moment:

a) If the order of a product is terminated before 14 days from the order date:

Cancellation (within): 30 days 7 days 0 days

Order amount up to £50.00 Net £4.00+20%* £4.00+40%* £4.00+65%*
Order amount up to £500.00 Net £18.00+20%* £18.00+40%* £18.00+65%*
Order amount up to £1000.00 Net £25.00+20%* £25.00+40%* £25.00+65%*
Order amount from £1000.01 Net £35.00+20%* £35.00+40%* £35.00+65%*
* percent of the total order value as per invoice

b) If the order is terminated after 14 days from the order date, the full Net Order Value.

(2) The customer agrees that compensation payable under this Article 22 is fair and reasonable and represents a genuine pre-estimate of the costs that Picture Perfect Moment will incur in the event of a cancellation or termination of an order.

(3) All refunds will be made via the same way originally paid.