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"I’m glad you’ve found my website, welcome to Picture Perfect Moment. My name is Allan Arnold, and I specialise in modern, candid, and spontaneous wedding photography. I am based in Worthing, on the South Coast of England. If you’re not, don’t let that get in the way of your beautiful day and the beautiful photos we can create together. It’s important to me that your photos are unique and artistic, and when seen collectively tell a story. Please do get in touch, and let’s discuss how to capture and keep your perfect day.”

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Each wedding, each client, each photo has a unique spin of which can never be repeated. Guaranteeing what we at Picture Perfect Moment pride ourselves in when capturing the best moments of your day. Everything we do is built from the very bottom, from the first time we meet the seeds are sown to the presentation of your album upon completion. Every step passionately delivering “Distinctive, Authentic & Thoughtful” representations of Picture Perfect Moment’s drive and ambition to bring you nothing less than the best. Welcome to the Picture Perfect Moment family.